Waterfalls in Munnar

The peaceful hill station of Munnar that stands tall near the elegant tea the plantation is a site every travel enthusiast in India craves for. Munnar is renowned for its warm hospitality, mild climate, and the unique attractions. This hill station has been one of the popular honeymoons destinations of the country thanks to the warm climatic conditions and the attractive sights Munnar offers. There are also beautiful churches and bungalows build by British settlers in Munnar. You can see these churches when you are walking through the streets of Munnar. In addition to that, there are plenty of waterfalls in this elegant hill station. So, never miss a chance to explore some of the waterfalls while you are visiting Munnar with your friends or loved ones. Below are some of the most popular waterfalls in the hill station that you shouldn’t miss when you going on a Munnar trip.

Lakkam Waterfalls


Lakkam Waterfalls are just a five minutes drive away from the town of Munnar, which means that this waterfall is the closest one in the Hill station. Lakkam Waterfalls is surrounded by the gorgeous “Vega Trees” and they are situated in the Munnar-Marayoor route. This waterfall, which originates from the Eravikulam Plateau is the most preferred destination for tourists. So, try to visit Lakkam Waterfalls before you leave Munnar.

Attukal Waterfalls

Attukal Waterfalls is approximately 9km away from the hill station and you can find this waterfall on the way to Pallivasal. The beauty of water falling from the top of the mountain will certainly add more beauty to your trip to Munnar. The streaming waters that travel through the heart of the hill station will be one of the best sights you will ever see in your life. So, cherish the moment.

Nyayamakad Waterfalls

Nyayamakad Waterfalls

The breathtaking waterfall, Nyayamakad Waterfalls is located between Rajamala and Munnar. It is only 10 km way from Munnar town. What makes Nyayamakad Waterfalls more exciting is the water cascade coming from a height of 1600m plus the region is a perfect trekking and an ideal picnic spot. The lush green forest that surrounds this elegant a waterfall adds more beauty to the area and urges every tourist to visit the place again and again.

Chinnakanal Waterfalls

Power House Waterfalls or Chinnakanal Waterfalls is approximately 18km away from the hill station but try to not to skip this amazing waterfall while you are in Munnar. Chinnakanal Waterfall originates from the Devikulam River. There is popular belief that the wife of Lord Rama, Sita Devi bathed in this river. Hence, the river is called as Devikulam. The adjacent green plantations offer a classic look to Chinnakanal Waterfalls.

Kuthumkal Waterfalls

Kuthumkal Waterfalls Is an ideal and charming picnic spot in Munnar and it is located 24 Km away from the city of Munnar. The waterfalls often have a distinctive mist emerging effect because of its high-velocity water flow. More than thousands of tourists visit this place every year. So, try to add Kuthumkal Waterfalls to the list of places you want to see while you are visiting Munnar.

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Munnar Monsoon Packages

Even though the most popular hills of God’s Own Country, Munnar remains carpeted in green throughout the year, the arrival of Monsoon rains brings something else to this magical place. When Monsoon rain strikes the greenery lands of Munnar, it gets transformed into a slice of paradise. Monsoon rain adds more greenery to the land, it makes the place a lot livelier and it does infuse romance in the air.


rain season munnar

If you want to enjoy Munnar to its core and admire its beauty to the fullest, then pack your bag, call up your loved ones or friends and head straight to Munnar during the monsoon season. Bringing your other half with you to this romantic hills during the monsoon season will help you make some of the most wonderful moments of your life.

Admiring the beauty of Munnar during monsoon should be on top of your bucket list if you are travel enthusiasts who love to explore hilly areas and romantic tourist destinations. The melodious ‘pitter patter’ noise of the rain, the delicious food, and the cool breeze that comes along with the Monsoon rain is something you definitely don’t want to miss.


rain munnar

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3 Must Do Things In Munnar

Munnar is a diverse canvas of winding undulating paths, gushing streams by the hillsides and rich green tea plantations. The absolutely delightful activities in the biggest tea growing region of peninsular India will help you absorb the beauty and calmness of Munnar.

Munnar is undoubtedly the perfect holiday spot for a rejuvenating and peaceful retreat, which is one the major reasons for the immense popularity of the hills. Additionally, Munnar is also one of the most popular Honeymoon destinations in the country. So, make sure to take your loved ones or friends to this elegant place and enjoy the calm and elegant atmosphere. However, many travel enthusiasts who are visiting Munnar fort the first time in their lives have no clue on the adventurous and exciting things that they can do in Munnar. Here are three things you can do while you are in Munnar.

Visit a Tree House

Natives commonly call tree houses as Erumadam and it is an Eco friendly accommodation made up of natural materials such as straw, hay, coli, and bamboo. This fresh concept has instantly become one of the most favourite activities of both tourists and residents. Take your loved one to an elegant tree house and capture a few images because it will help you to relive that moment again and again.

Tree Houses Munnar

Visiting the Tea Estates of Kolukkumalai

On the second day of your Munnar tour, you must spare a quality amount of your time to visit the tea estates of Kolukkumalai. The tea and spice plantations of Munnar are located approximately 19 km from Munnar town and these plantations contain a wide variety of spices and tea products. The refreshing aroma and the delicious taste offered by the rare varieties of spices will be one of the major highlights of your Munnar Tour.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

Trekking and Camping In Munnar

Munnar is the ultimate holiday destination for fitness freaks and adventure enthusiasts who are trying to make the most of their vacation. Hop on a bicycle with your friends and race to the top of Top Station and Echo Point before you leave Munnar. We highly recommend you to visit Top Station, as it offers a stunning view of the entire town, which is surrounded by valleys and hills.

Trekking in Munnar

If you are, feeling tired after a stressful day of sightseeing and trekking, then you will have to find a place to stretch your legs. We are one of best resorts in Munnar and we do offer attractive packages to our customers. Staying in our resorts will be another highlight of your Munnar trip. Additionally, the friendly customer service offered by Resorts Munnar will also urge you to come back to us.

The unique Fascination of Munnar in Different Seasons

Munnar is the centre for merging of three rivers, and hence the name ‘Munnar’.  It one of the main reason why the people tag ‘God’s own country’ to Kerala. With the beauty of Western Ghats encompassed, and charm of a hill station captured at its best, Munnar is a treat to a worn out soul. Munnar is the most visited hill station in Kerala and the first preference for honeymoon. The unique charm of Munnar in seasons is must to visit at least once in a life time. The chilly climate, greenish valleys and colorful visuals at this high range will gift you more than enough experiences to remember.


Munnar appreciates a subtropical good country atmosphere. Being a hill station, the climate stays wonderful year-round. December to February are the winter months in Munnar. The most reduced temperature recorded amid winter is 4 ⁰C. Generally, the temperature drifts between 5 ⁰C and 25 ⁰C. The summer season starts in March and endures till the finish of May. Summers in Munnar are cool, with the temperature extending between 19 ⁰C and 35 ⁰C. Light rains are likewise normal amid this time. The monsoon showers start in June and keeps going till September.  The autumn season which falls in October and November, offers clear skies and dazzling scenes in Munnar.

Enjoying the nature

The best season to visit Munnar is from August to May. Usually Munnar witness off-season in monsoons. But Munnar goes most greenish and lovely in monsoons. The rainfall disturbs comfortable sightseeing for the travelers and hence is off-season. Most of the honeymoon couples choose Munnar for their most romantic trip in seasons. The chilly climate and lovely atmosphere create a magical ambience at here to celebrate the fun of love. Chandys Windy Woods are the latest attraction of honeymoon couples in Munnar. They provide rooms with maximum privacy and safety. The guests face no disturbances from outside and they enjoy a peaceful romantic hours in their rooms.

Winter is the ideal season to visit Munnar and also to engage in activities like trekking, climbing and many more. The dawn and dusk gifts you mist covered hill tops.



Pallivasal is one of the most famous and important tourist destination in Munnar, Kerala. Which is the beautiful village in the Idukki district, and is located 8 km from Munnar, Kerala. The first Hydro-electric project in Kerala was established at Pallivasal during the reign of Maharajah Sree Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma.


The Pallivasal fall is also the venue for the first Hydro Electric Project in Kerala. The village is surrounded by many attractions, giving visitors a plenty of options to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature to its fullest. The waterfall, which is surrounded by beautiful flowers is a perfect spot for peace seekers, who can spend their precious moments amid the serene environs.

The most important attraction in this town is the Pallivasal Falls. Though a little small in size, Pallivasal falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Devikulam area of Munnar, excellent for picnics and sightseeing. It is in close proximity to Sita Devi Lake, which is yet another attraction in Devikulam. A visit to this town will be a relaxation for the people who are under stress and work pressure etc. Because pallivasal holds the beauty and serenity. The visitors who want to spend some time away from the buzzing madness of cities can find absolute peace and comfort here. It is an ideal location for nature walk, sightseeing, and trekking; mostly every tourist who visit this place like to spend time in tranquility revamping themselves.

Pallivasal it is exactly located 8kms away from Munnar. Munnar is the nearest town to Pallivasal and is well connected by road transport, mainly buses and taxis. Which is really very much nearby to Chandys Windy Woods Hotel as well and the best place for the best stay.

Rose Garden-Munnar

Rose Garden is one of the famous and beautiful tourist destination in Mattupetty which is about 2km away from Munnar town in mattupetty road. As the name indicates in Rose Garden we can see different varieties of roses and flowering plants. With large tea plantations in the background, this is place is definitely worth a visit for everyone who enjoy flowers.


Rose Gardens comprises of two acres of land in the midst of cardamom plantations and is settled in a perfectly quiet and cool environment, surrounded by slopes and dales, rivers and waterfalls.  It is covered with spices and agricultural crops and an equally large variety of flowering plants.

Rose Garden is one of the chief attractions of Munnar for its beautiful garden where different varieties and colors of roses can be found.  Rose Garden, besides being a feast to the eye, also is a place for bird watching and trekking. Different varieties of birds can be spotted here. Tourists also visit the rivulets and waterfalls in and around Mattupetty while paying a visit to Rose Garden.

Garden is situated on the way to Mattupetty and 2KM from Munnar, and it is easily accessible without taking a lot of time from your itinerary. If you are on a short trip and is in a hurry to see as much as you can, then you can quickly run through the entire garden within minutes. If you are in Munnar to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, you can spend 1 to 2 hours relaxing in the garden. For the accommodation and food facilities are important thing consider before a trip in place like Munnar, Mattupetty etc. Best services will provided by Chandy’s Windy Woods and which makes it enjoying at the most.


Lockhart gap

Lockhart gap is an ideal spot for adventurous tourism and trekking. Located 13 km away from Munnar the mist clad hills and the lush greenery makes this place very attractive. The panoramic view of this place makes it a worth to visit.


The main attraction of this place is the scenic beauty a it is been added by the silver clouds which is worth watching. When we stand here we can get a panoramic view of the surrounding nature. From here tourists can see the beauty of Bison Valley and surrounding hills extending up to Periyar River. Also we can see a natural cave on Lockhart Gap road near the rock face, which is an ideal place for spending time. The walk in the midst of tea estate and the climate will surely sooth you and you will never be able to forget the experience even if it is a small place.

Holiday trip to Munnar makes really a wonderful experience and planning will be the perfect solution to visit each and every places. Chandys Windy Woods resort in Munnar provides you these sightseeing facilities.

The Lockhart Gap looks much attractive during evenings when the whole surroundings get illuminated in the orange glow and a blanket of moist clouds surfaces the valleys. This place is famous for its scenic trails through dense forests that combine rare species of flora and fauna. A lot of photographers and tourists visit this peculiar location to capture the beautiful images of the Western Ghats, loaded with lush green valleys, rolling hills, grasslands, and more.

When talking about the trekking this is the best place for trekking in Munnar.There are lots trekking trails from shorter to longer ones. There are various kind of plantations here where add to the beauty of this place. The sunset and sunrise is so enchanting that you will get lost in the orange glow of this place. The blue hills covered with lush greenery, the silver streams give this place an international view.

The wonderful green surroundings, isolation, salubrious climate and tremendous perspectives makes them perfect holiday spots offering quick relief from the hurrying around of city life . The fresh and cool mountain air heavily laden with the scent of wildflowers and rare herbs is any nature lover’s heaven. This hill station which mesmerizes any tourist. And the little time spend here is sufficient to invigorate you . Get refreshed, restored and prepared to go up against the world by holidaying in the Lockhart Gap.


Kundala is a picturesque town on the way to Top Station and about 20km away from Munnar. The average elevation of Kundala Lake is 1700 meters. Tea plantations, golf course and The Kundala Lake are the main attractions of the Kundala. The Kundala Dam is an artificial dam and is Asia’s first arch dam. It is also known as Sethuparvathipuram Dam.

kundala dam

Boating experince at this dam is a wonderful. The pedal boats, shikkara boats and row boats are the different varieties of boating facilities which are available at the Kundala lake. The operator will show you the beauty of the lake and surroundings with detailed descriptions of all.  Lot of fun activities like horse riding, balloon shooting  are also available at Kundala. A golf course is also located here, and which belongs to Tata Tea Limited. The Sethuparvathi dam built in 1946 as a part of Pallivasal hydroelectric project is a sight to behold.

You can see plenty of food outlets nearby the Lake which sells fast foods. Chow on noodles or crispy Dosa cooked by the local vendors or bite into a fluffy omelette. Then the next thing people have to plan while visiting such places like Kundala is accommodation. Munnar is the nearest town to Lake Kundala and is well connected by road transport, mainly buses and taxis. Better still you can choose Chandy’s Windy Woods resort for accommodation and food, which is the best place for the best stay.

In Kundala, we see lots of flowers here. Cherry blossoms appears twice in a year. Neelakurinji is famous for Munnar, which bloom once in twelve years, bloom in the hills and valleys around Kundala lake.

Travel Tips for Kundala Lake

  • The visiting time is 9 AM to 5 PM, and the boat rides end at 4.30 PM
  • Munnar is the nearest town to Lake Kundala and is well connected by road transport, mainly buses and taxis.
  • The nearest railway station is either Ernakulam or Kottayam.
  • You can get hired vehicles such as private cabs and taxis from the railway station to reach Lake Kundala.
  • Bating is not allowed in the Lake
  • Normal and Video Camera are allowed


vishu-kaniVishu is a festival celebrated in Kerala, India, which signifies the New Year Day of Malayalam Calendar Kollavarsham. It is celebrated on the first day of the month Medam which usually falls on 14th or 15th of April. The festival has deep cultural significance and the Malayali Hindus around the world celebrate it with passion and devotion. It is being observed also in Mangalore and Udupi districts of Karnataka state, in the second week of April and is called as Bisu.

It is believed that if one sees the divine in form of Vishukanni, first thing of morning on the day of Vishu, they are blessed for the whole year.  Traditionally, ice,linen, cucumber, betel leaves, metal mirror, holy text and coins in a bell metal vessel called uruli is arranged in the puja room. Keralites, on the day of Vishu, close their eyes and go to puja room first thing in the morning to see the Vishukanni. A lamp is lit alongside this arrangement throughout the previous night as a sign of good luck. The holy Vishukanni is then distributed among the poor.

Another important custom of Vishu is Vishukkaineetam. It is traditionally followed as the gifting of money by the elders to younger generation or by the landlords to tenants. Usually, the head of the family gives vishukkaineetam to the younger generation, servants and other workers, and wishes them prosperity. Some affluent families not only give money to their children and workers, but also to their neighbors and natives. Vishukkaineetam should be given freely and it should be accepted with reverence.

The Vishu feast or Sadya, consists of equal proportions of salty, sweet, sour and bitter items. Though Sadya or traditional feast is a part of all Kerala festivals, there are some mandatory items for the VishuSadya. Vishu Kanji, VishuKatta, Veppampoorasam (a bitter preparation of neem),Mampazhappulissery (a sour mango soup) and Thoran (a traditional side dish made of chopped vegetables and grated coconut) are the important preparations for the occasion of Vishu.

Chandy’s Windy Woods resort in Munnar welcomes you all to Munnar to celebrate this Vishu. We offer you delicious vishu sadya and you can enjoy here with your family and friends. We provide wonderful facilities and activities for you.

We wish you  and your family a happy Vishu. May you be blessed with peace, prosperity and good fortune. HappyVishu.



NyayamakadWant to have a refreshing vacation then Munnar is the best place. Nyayamakad is one of the estate located in Munnar.Ha wondering still how many places are located around Munnar. Yes we still have lots and lots!!!!!!  This is exactly located between Rajamala and Munnar.At the junction in front of the Palivasal tea factory, you can find a narrow rutted road slopes down between tea bushes into a little valley.

Nyayamakad, the land of waterfall in which water flows fromaround 1600meters.

This exciting trip to Munnar will not be exhausted without hitting all the attractive places build within it.

Munnar has many attractions surrounded by it but still we give importance to such places which is surrounded by water isn’t it!!!!

Nyayamakad is one of the best adventurous places. To be exact it is exactly located 10kms away from Munnar. Which is really very much nearby to Chandys Windy Woods hotel as well and the best place for the best stay.Scenic views and a beautiful waterfall welcome travelers to Nyayamakad. It is a best place for photographers .The scenery looks really amazing when people see the pictures they won’t believe that this place is located in India, which is a real fact.

The beautiful waterfall is surrounded with lush green forest, which will be a perfect spot for those who love adventure and want to have a trekking experience. Nearby there is one more awesome waterfall which is Kuthumkal waterfalls.

There is also a ‘Gravel Banks’, where you can try trout fishing.Fishing lovers will be excited about the fishing experience in the lake, trout fishing canbe done in this lake. The tourists who visit for the first time obviously will not be aware of all these factors

Not only fishing trekking and rock climbing also can be possible at Devikulumhills which also give you all an adventurous experience.

The best vacation time to visit all these places is from the month of September to May which is considered as the vacation months.

Some of the adventurous tourists especially visit only for trekking. In Munnar trekking gives a unique experience than any other places and that is the reason most of foreigners visit Munnar highly than any other tourist spots.