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Not long away from the plantation town of Munnar, is a baronial building set on a hill slant. Styled in symmetry with white rectangular walls and grey stone facades which makes it obtruding from the Sacramento landscape of the forest around. On the inside, it's a whole different world adorning a muted, chic elegance. The lobby area is graced with dim lighting from overhead recesses, walls and floor cloaked with wooden veneer, nature-inspired graphic motifs on the walls and glass and chrome embellishments, all give a balance of the classic and the contemporary. A small stairway from the lobby leads to the restaurant and banquet area. Glass-walled elevators that let you visually revel in the sight of the mountainous landscape and the hilly gradients while you experience a sense of flight.

The components of the interior decor are woven around one enormous faux tree to create an ambient experience that is synonymous with nature outside. The common areas are designed around the enormous tree trunk and the gnarling roots that extend from the towering rocky slope to the artificial waterfall that streams around it. On the banks of this marvel is a bamboo bridge that navigates to the other segments. Walk beside the pools of water to discover the legacy of Munnar and the gems of the destination's history. While you trod further, there is an ethnic-themed coffee shop that renders the feel of yesteryear's village experience, you sit down on the bench, click a selfie and capture the rustic moment, and voila, you are placed in a snapshot of history!. The footpath then takes you to clay caverns with pre-historic inscriptions on its walls which garnishes your journey down the memory lane.

The premium rooms are arrayed beside open corridors where the best food and accommodation awaits you. We thrive to satisfy our guests who encourage us with testimonials of their stay at the best luxury resort in Munnar. At Windy Woods, the experience of your holiday is something we prioritize above anything and that is what makes us stand tall among the best hotels and resorts in Munnar

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